November 12, 2009

Team Foundation Sidekicks 2.4 release

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We are proud to announce new Team Foundation Sidekicks release. With this release we conclude support for Visual Studio/TFS 2005 & 2008; from now on any future releases will target VS/TFS 2010. Sidekicks version for 2010 (based on Beta 2 bits) may be expected by the end of 2009.

The release 2.4 includes a relatively large number of bug fixes as well as couple of new features.


  • Labels Sidekick: Support filtering by file extension in Labels Comparison window
  • Code Review Sidekick: Check-in policy violation indication shown next to changesets in a list
  • Workspace Sidekick: Support ability to save list of found workspaces
  • New Users View Sidekick: Show searchable list of user names and user display names in TFS Valid Users group

Bug fixes

  • BUGFIX VS Integration (Dynamic History): exception thrown when viewing history on pending adds
  • BUGFIX Code Review Sidekick: Changeset/Work Item selection dialogs do not keep last set of parameters set
  • BUGFIX Code Review Sidekick: When all changesets selected, the list of changesets is not scrollable
  • BUGFIX Labels Sidekick: Multiple selection of labels in list does not work with keyboard
  • BUGFIX Labels Sidekick: Labels Comparison is out of sync for certain label content
  • BUGFIX Status Sidekick: Undoing changes on root node ($\) causes an exception

Let’s conclude with short description of new Users View Sidekick. Sidekick works around known limitation in TFS version control, where it displays only user names for item history or other version control dialogs. In some corporate environments user names tend to follow cryptic conventions set by IT which are completely unrelated to actual user first and last name (such as GERWA12N etc.). In such scenarios, Users View Sidekick would allow you searching for actual user display name using AD user name.


Caveat that applies to the usage of Users View Sidekick – retrieving user names through TFS OM API may potentially take quite a long time.

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